Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Makeup Tips and Product Recommendations

Many things are coming into play this holiday season. There are Christmas parties galore, luncheons, gifts to buy and don't forget the New Year's extravaganzas that will be taking place a week after Christmas. When dealing with all these events, one can run out of ideas for makeup looks to do. Well, KCJ Makeup Artistry is here to help. Here are a list of tips and ideas for makeup looks classic for any holiday party:

  • Shimmer, Shimmer, Shimmer. You can't go wrong with a little shimmer or sparkle on your eyes and cheeks to give you that holiday GLOW. Shimmer shadows and skin highlighters are must-haves this holiday season. Try Maybelline's Mineral Power Illuminator. **TIP: Brush in temples and down bridge of nose for a healthy, natural looking glow**
  • Red Lips. Bold lips are in this fall/winter season and red is a classic when it comes to bold lips. It can compliment many looks, especially if you simple with the eyes. **TIP: Use a primer on lips and do not forget to blot, reapply and blot for a long-lasting lip color**
  • Smokey Eyes. Deep, sexy eyes are always in style but for this holiday season, lets play with color too. Smokey eyes are not set to black; try blues, greens and purples for a sultry look that is also holiday worthy. **TIP: Use a cream shadow stick as the base in the desired smokey eye color. This can act as a primer and brings out more of the true color of the desired shadow.**

Makeup is a great way to show off your creativity and play with color. The holidays gives you a reason to be dramatic with it and glow, sparkle and be oh so sexy!! So play up the holiday with amazing makeup and feel free to email me your great holiday makeup looks here!! I would love to see them and even feature them in my next blog and newsletter.

Speaking of newsletters: I would like to congratulate the winners of the December KCJ Makeup Artistry newsletter giveaway, Jamie Plaia and Heather Drake. These two lovely ladies won the Hot Pink Holiday Set from Beautyblender (photo to the left). Thanks to beautyblender for sponsoring this giveaway!! Also, do not forget to sign up for my newsletter so you too can be in the know!!! You can sign up here!

Since we are speaking of holiday makeup...there is a makeup line that I am AB-SO-LUTE-LY in LOVE with. The company is Alima Pure and they are a mineral makeup company located in Portland, Oregon. Let me tell you, these products are AMAZING!! And do NOT let the title "mineral" fool you. I know some people associate mineral with well, boring, but this is everything but that. The shadows are seriously highly pigmented, the blushes are the epitome of perfection and the foundations are too awesome to even give an adjective. But as a makeup artist and an artist in general, I LOVE COLOR!! And with color I love shadows so that is where my focus is going to be. So, for this holiday season, Alima Pure has released their limited edition holiday collection and they have named it the Jewel Box. There are two sets: The Classic Jewel Box and the Modern Jewel Box.

The Classic Jewel box contains your classic jewels and are named accordingly: 18kt is a bright, gleaming gold, Chocolate Diamonds is a chocolate-toned taupe, Estate Diamonds is a sparkling silvery-white, and Tahitian Pearl is a pearly grey with hints of brown.

The Modern Jewel Box contains your more modern jewel tones such as: Pink Sapphire which is a sparkling light pink, Flawless Emerald, a sparkling true green, Topaz is a smoky gold with silver sparkle and Tanzanite, an intense blue-violet with a pearly shimmer.

You can purchase these collections and all other products at Alima Pure's website. These collections come in 4 full size shadows for the low price of $25 (a $36 value). To make the season of giving even better, $2 of each set sold is donated to the Global Fund for Women. Now how amazing is that?? Love this company!

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Newsletter to be released next week...

Hello all...

So, the first newsletter is to be released next week and it is including an awesome giveaway!! Actually, each newsletter will include an awesome giveaway but maybe I am so excited about this one because it is the first one. Also included in it will be tips and tricks for great holiday makeup, face of the month, recommended products and even holiday specials from friends of KCJ Makeup Artistry. I will soon be doing a Q & A segment so please feel free to send me your questions. I will answer them all but a few will be featured in the newsletter. So please do not forget to sign up or you shall miss out on all the fun!!

This lovely young lady is the December Face of the Month. She is an up and coming model but a lifetime dancer. Her name is Nicolette. If you would like to learn more about her, sign up for the newsletter. I was hired to do her makeup for a photo shoot and knew I had to add her to the newsletter. She was humble, sweet and a natural in front of the camera. This photo is actually from that shoot and can you believe this was her first professional shoot?? I must say that I believe she will make it pretty far in this business.

On other news...
I just received a new camera so FOTD's and things of that nature will be coming soon!!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is a blog about all things beauty related...from featured products, to new faces, to tips and tricks. I am going to entertain you with makeup and beauty news for all of you to love and enjoy. Constantly in touch with cosmetic companies learning whats is new and fresh and even getting them involved in giveaways to provide you with new and exciting products for FREE!! Who could ask for anything more?? So stay tuned because this is a ride worth enjoying.

Also, I will be starting a monthly newsletter and encourage you all to sign up! Follow this link and just give me your name and email address and that is it!! The monthly newsletters will provide this information directly to your email and give you the details on the contests/giveaways!!

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